[Bark Sheet] Battle Dialogue - Lily Among the Steel

Jul 01, 2022 — writing

Kaden finds a young lady named Lily capable of using the Light, a power that provides ethereal fulfillment to  the man made world of technology. Kaden is determined to show the Light to all people - but Professor Landon and his  associates will do all that they can to prevent earth shattering instability.

CharacterDialogueDirectionLocationTriggerCharacter or Location Description
KadenKaden knows he has the propensity to change the world. Kaden will fight for his values no matter what the risk is.
KadenWhat’s life without a bit of danger?(cool)Menu – Character SelectMenu – Character select
KadenI love a good fight!(enthusiastic)BattleBattle – Begin
KadenI’ll smash you to rubble.(eager)BattleBattle – Begin
KadenMay God have mercy upon you, because I sure as hell won’t.(passionate)BattleBattle – Begin – After Story Midpoint
KadenNo! You’ll pay for what you’ve done!(seething)BattleBattle – Lily Faints
KadenI’ll cover for you, Linus!(optimistic)BattleBattle – Linus Faints
KadenI can win against you with my hands behind my back and blindfolded.(arrogant)BattleBattle – High HP
KadenI’ll give you the truth between your eyes!(passionate)BattleBattle – High HP
KadenArgh!(exhausted)BattleBattle – Half HP
KadenJust a little more shoulder into each attack!(inching)BattleBattle – Half HP
KadenDon’t get cocky, now!(annoyed)BattleBattle – Half HP after enemy attack
KadenI’m better than this…(exhausted)BattleBattle – Low HP
KadenCome on, my body can't fail me now!(exhausted)BattleBattle – Low HP
KadenI can’t lose… I won’t lose…!(exhausted)BattleBattle – Low HP
KadenI’m only getting warmed up!(pleased)BattleBattle – High HP
KadenPoke the mech and you’ll get bit!(arrogant)BattleBattle – High HP
KadenThat’s all you had for me?(arrogant)BattleBattle – Win
KadenI can kick your ass all day.(arrogant)BattleBattle – Win
KadenEach victory is a step towards a better tomorrow.(jovial)BattleBattle – Win against Antagonist’s peons
KadenI wasn’t… strong enough…(exhausted)BattleBattle – Faint – Lose
KadenHow is this possible!?(irritated)BattleBattle – Faint – Lose
KadenIt doesn’t end here…(pained)BattleBattle – Faints – Lose against Antagonist’s peons
LilyLily can see the beauty every person and any situation. She wants to share her newfound knowledge with the world to offer people a peaceful way to live their lives.
LilyHope in the face of hopelessness!(upbeat)Menu – Character SelectMenu – Character select
LilyUnited, we will win!(upbeat)BattleBattle – High HP
LilyI have faith in my teammates!(upbeat)BattleBattle – High HP
LilyI don’t want to hurt you.(concerned)BattleBattle – High HP
LilyYou’re quite the opponent.(cautious)BattleBattle – Half HP
LilyMaybe we can settle our differences without fighting!(optimistic)BattleBattle – Half HP
LilyAh!(hurt)BattleBattle – Half HP after enemy attack
LilyI can’t go on much longer…(exhausted)BattleBattle – Low HP
LilyI don’t know about this fight…(pessimistic)BattleBattle – Low HP
LilyIt’s not looking too good for us.(pessimistic)BattleBattle – Low HP
LilyGreat job, everyone!(happy)BattleBattle – Win
LilyWe did it!(excited)BattleBattle – Win
LilyAnd many more victorious will be made.(unsteady)BattleBattle – Win against Antagonist’s peons
LilyI’m sorry…(exhausted)BattleBattle – Faint – Lose
LilyMy body can’t keep up…(exhausted)BattleBattle – Faint – Lose
LilyI couldn’t do it…(upset)BattleBattle – Faint – Lose against Antagonist’s peons
LilyI believe in our abilities!(upbeat)BattleBattle – Begin
LilyBehold our otherworldly power!(upbeat)BattleBattle – Begin
LilyWe must seize victory with our Light!(passionate)BattleBattle – Begin – After Story Midpoint
LilyKaden!(upset)BattleBattle – Kaden Faints
LilyLinus! You did your best.(upset)BattleBattle – Linus Faints
LinusLinus is the lead developer of the Linux Operating System, a discreet alternative to Professor Laden's mainstream Windows Operating System. Linus is thoughtful in his actions and always has a backup plan. He'd rather be behind the scenes than on the center stage.
LinusNecessity is the mother of innovation!(upbeat)Menu – Character SelectMenu – Character select
LinusWhat else can I do to win?(anxious)BattleBattle – Low HP
LinusI can’t lose!(exhausted)BattleBattle – Low HP
LinusWhy couldn’t I predict that?(exhausted)BattleBattle – Low HP
LinusThere must be a different way to go about this situation…(exhausted)BattleBattle – Half HP
LinusEasy does it!(surprised)BattleBattle – Half HP
LinusDidn’t see that one coming!(surprised)BattleBattle – Half HP after enemy attack
LinusI know all of your strengths and weaknesses.(confident)BattleBattle – High HP
LinusStick to the plan, and all should go well.(confident)BattleBattle – High HP
LinusYou’ll have a tough time facing us.(confident)BattleBattle – High HP
LinusI knew we’d win.(confident)BattleBattle – Win
LinusThere we go!(relieved)BattleBattle – Win
LinusCould’ve ended up worse.(relieved)BattleBattle – Win against Antagonist’s peons
LinusI must’ve overlooked something…(disappointed)BattleBattle – Lose – Faints
LinusWas my preparation done in vain?(doubtful)BattleBattle – Lose
LinusI will adjust my tactics for next time….(exhausted)BattleBattle – Lose against Antagonist’s peons
LinusIf you insist…(reluctant)BattleBattle – Begin
LinusI suppose there’s no other choice.(reluctant)BattleBattle – Begin
LinusNo more holding back. The real threat must be dealt with.(accepting)BattleBattle – Begin – After Story Midpoint
LinusOnto the next fight.(optimistic)BattleBattle – Win against Antagonist’s peons – After Story Midpoint
LinusKaden, I told you that wouldn’t work! (sigh) Just… feel better.(Irritated)BattleBattle – Kaden Faints
LinusLily! I can’t lose you again…(agitated, upset)BattleBattle – Lily Faints
PeonProfessor Landon’s lower officers. His associates, like Turnsit, are in charge of Peons – similar to that of a general.
PeonI’ll never stop fighting for the sake of our safety!(passionate)Battle – Low HP
PeonArghhh!(hurt)Battle – PC enters Low HP range
PeonYou won’t forget me!(exhausted, resiliant)Battle – Low HP
PeonWe will keep marching on towards the future!(passionate)Battle – PC enters Half HP
PeonThere’s plenty more left within us.(passionate)Battle – PC enters Half HP
PeonDo you really think you can take all of us?(spiteful)Battle – PC enters Half HP
PeonFace the glorious evolution!(passionate)Battle – High HP
PeonYou will submit to his order!(passionate)Battle – High HP
PeonBattle – High HP
PeonWill you turn your life around now?(spiteful)Battle – Peon Win
PeonNo one dare turns their backs to Professor Landon and our evolving world.(spiteful)Battle – Peon Win
Peon(gasping) ugh…(exhausted)Battle – Peon Lose
PeonProfessor, I have tried. Forgive me…(exhausted, humbled)Battle – Peon Lose
PeonAnd many more battles have yet to come…(exhausted, spiteful)Battle – Peon Lose
TurnsitProfessor Landon’s associate. Turnsit conducts research and tests new weapons and medicines. He is intrigued by anything and everything and lives to serve.
TurnsitYou’re making a grave error!(hateful)Battle – Low HP
Turnsit(panting)(exhausted)Battle – Low HP
TurnsitThis shall not be a cause for concern.Battle – PC enters Low HP range
TurnsitYou’ve moved in an intriguing manner!(interested)Battle – Half HP
TurnsitBattle – Half HP
TurnsitBattle – Half HP
TurnsitWe are capable of answering every question, even beyond that of this world.(explanatory)Battle – High HP
TurnsitI will gladly show you the glory of humanity!(joyful)Battle – High HP
TurnsitBattle – High HP
TurnsitNow, now, your motivations are driven by irrationality. We have a fix for that.(disciplinary)Battle – Win
TurnsitFear not; I shall show you the way of our world, evolved by Professor Landon’s masterful mentality.(calming)Battle – Win
TurnsitBattle – Lose
TurnsitBattle – Lose
OfficerThe officers of the high security precinct.
OfficerReinforcements are needed!(commanding)Battle – Low HP
OfficerArgh!(exhausted)Battle – PC enters Low HP range
OfficerBattle – Low HP
OfficerSafety is of utmost importance!(upbeat)Battle – PC enters Half HP
OfficerSettle down and no one gets hurt.(calming)Battle – PC enters Half HP
OfficerCriminals like you will be jailed and reformed!(commanding)Battle – PC enters Half HP
OfficerYou’re under arrest for defying the law!(commanding)Battle – High HP
OfficerYou must oblige to the law!(commanding)Battle – High HP
OfficerIt is in an officer’s blood to preserve balance and serve!(prideful)Battle – High HP
OfficerJustice has been served.(satisfactory)Battle – Officer Win
OfficerYou will learn to understand the meaning of peace.(satisfactory)Battle – Officer Win
OfficerMan down!Battle – Officer Lose
OfficerJustice will be served!(exhausted)Battle – Officer Lose
OfficerArgh!(pained)Battle – Officer Lose
MonocopterBattle – Low HPThe security mechs of the high security precinct.
MonocopterDanger: Overheated battery. Stay 10 feet away of mech.(warning)Battle – PC enters Low HP range
MonocopterDanger! Please stay out of acceptable range.(warning)Battle – Low HP
MonocopterBattery in danger of overheating.(calm)Battle – PC enters Half HP
MonocopterPlease refrain from battle.(calm)Battle – PC enters Half HP
MonocopterPlease be escorted to the nearest officer.(calm)Battle – High HP
MonocopterWarning: Officers will be alerted of your misdemeanor.(warning)Battle – High HP
MonocopterYou are currently in violation of 12 laws.(calm)Battle – High HP
MonocopterYou will be escorted to the nearest officer.(calm)Battle – Monocopter Win
MonocopterSystem malfunctioning! Message sent to administrator.(warning)Battle – Officer Lose